Metallica – One

Metallica - One

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Metallica – One

  1. alessiod99 says:

    This music RULESSS

  2. MrMegaSlayerDeth says:

    Are you Deaf? Or Retarded? Seriously? MCR sound like Metallica, those pussy ass emo couldn’t write S.t. Anger their best day. What a stupid comparison.

  3. Dudelol24 says:

    stupid ignorant!

  4. henrique9731 says:

    don’t know, maybe because Metallica is etern!

  5. zoroastranistic says:

    why are there so many recent comment here?

  6. rufik17 says:

    awesome group with fucking songs one in the world group best of all

  7. NoobNota says:

    You just did it, dumbfuck.

  8. Slogser says:

    mellieur musique de metallica

  9. ImSooStyleish says:

    one does not simply say…Metallica and Justin Bieber in the same sentence

  10. SellerPL says:

    240p we meet again

  11. Nitionn says:

    RIP Cliff Burton!!

  12. bryce20751 says:

    this is the right way its supposed to go, especially with teh tlaking.

  13. sempergumby24 says:

    As you were, mate. Trivium comes pretty damn close.

  14. SuperNils666 says:

    You should be shot, your grammar is just… Eurgh

  15. lukenukem23 says:

    I believe you have been trolled hard, sir.

  16. jltl44 says:

    i hate it when you hear the people talking during the music. it kinda kills it for me

  17. HrcoDunker says:

    M-Most popular bend

    E-Excellent song

    T-The best

    A-All best


    I-Interesting logos

    C-Can not hate them

    A-A living Legends

  18. SuperJoeKickass says:

    bitten on the trollbait

  19. 443kratos says:

    I don’t know about you but this is one of the songs I can hear all day.

  20. perchita67 says:

    5:46 EPIIC

  21. thedapper0dave says:

    your jokeing right?

  22. reardo1111 says:


  23. pops51201 says:

    dude chemical romance suck major dick, metallica would kill you if they could

  24. ThomasDemko says:

    And I bet nobody understands why you were even born…

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